Thursday, January 3, 2019

My Favorite Kirtanis

This is quite simple and to the point. These are my favorite kirtanis that I have listened to throughout my journey as a Sikh.

Name: Veer Manpreet Singh

Country of Origin: The United Kingdom

Description: Very melodious voice, great for Simran and Nitnem

Name: Bhai Joginder Singh Ji Riar

Country of Origin: India

Description: Great for singing Gurbani, listening to Indian instruments, an overall great Raagi

Name: Snatam Kaur

Country of Origin: The United States

Description: Angelic voice, great for Simran and Nitnem (like Veer Manpreet Singh)

Name: Taren Kaur

Country of Origin: The United Kingdom

Description: Great voice, music is great for learning about Sikh History and Sikhi, sometimes sings in English

Now, before we go onto this next one, let me just say that I personally think the allegations are true. And I hope punishment is dealt where it needs to be dealt. That being said, you can't take away the fact from them that their kirtan IS good. So instead of saying who they are or highlighting their accomplishments, I will just link a video

Hope you liked! 

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